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There is only one certain solution: Education

Change The World

If you want to change the world most powerful method is “Education“. I would especially like to point out that the subject is independent of what it is. Football team that you have supported and its components or your company’s empolyees or your child, our children or we are adults or any one .. for every challenge we face in our life ..


Passion For Learning

Each of us individually or as a community,  we have to develop a method to increase our passion for learning. Firstly accept the lack, if not firstly  we must learn to accept the lack, then we must be hungry against learning. Then it will be easily realized after. Lots of succesfull people says that we are not special, we are just passionate about learning. this is very critical, its the key for future, for success, for rainbow, for happiness, for respect, for freedom, for money and everything else ..


Education >> Information >> Knowledge

Knowledge is very big power for us, information is bigger than knowledge and its liberating, but education is the biggest one and I would like to emphasize the importance of continous education. At the end continous education is the key to success in life for all of us. Make education a habit opens the door of infinity and to the moooooooon 🙂

I Know Kung-fu … Show Me !

you know it’s not that easy. If we want to make this much easier, education is the unique way of this. Time changes everything as it changes but instead of taking advantage of this, we continue to lazy. I think this will bring our end.

Let’s the party begin ! Never give up lighting humanity ! Just Share !

Thanks for your support 🙂


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