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No One Can Do The First Jump

I really don’t know exactly what to write about ! Entrepreneurship, leadership, hard work, risk taking and management, experience, failure, opportunities, courage, patience, comfort zone, chance, motivation .. I can only say that this video really motivates me.


Let’s watch now !

This is just a film 🙂 In real life if you are looking for someone to jump before you, you should know that this is hardly possible. I’m glad you’re aware. if someone jumps before you, there is another illusion you don’t know. Instead of jumping off, you should spend to understand this illusion. Jumping after you doesn’t make you braver. You’re just an another follower like below :)))) You should find a new place to jump or a new job for yourself. If you are very confident and if you are ignoring first mover advantage. Then do not forget that you should work harder.

This one is amazing 🙂

If you are waiting to be ready to jump. You will never be ready and also no one jumps when ready. I don’t know how to do it but families need to grow their children braver. This is the key solution for our future. Because its too late for us. Cause we have children, my children has not :))) God gives us lots of things, but i think he doesnt care if we jump or not ! Then our choices come into play, your destiny is in your own hands :)))

Do not accept limitations ! Jump before you pushed !

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