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Lets Colour Our Brains

Are We Really Using 10% of Our Brains ?

Convinced that we don’t use it well enough. But isnt it ridiculous just 10% ? Whats your opinion ? I think that it’s just a myth !

Left Side or Right Side ?

Some use the right and some left 🙂  This must be a similar joke ! Each mental task works together. Maybe the right side is busy in certain tasks, while in some others the left side can work intensively. Only this, surely funny 🙂 Classical music raises IQ. Really ? I dont think so 🙂

There is No Age Limit for Learning !

You can be sure ! Just ask and try for it. Some of people learn from their success, failure, achievement and disappointment in life called “Experience” As we all hear “Life is a teacher, and we are its students.” The myth that only youngers can easily study is not true. All of us can get educated at any age. Do your best !

Lets Colour Our Brains !

Using the same muscles continuously is the main problem of humanity. Non-sporting body’s brain is unlikely to work healthy. What I say applies to a brain that doesn’t listen to music or someone who has not watched a cinema. Going out wtih friends or family visits or to being completely social. Love or Respect make the brain powerfull. And this Is Why Self-Respect Is Crucial For Happiness. Everything starts from the person himself.

What Are You Doing My Son ?

Succeeding you my father 🙂 Say Hello to Arthas 🙂

You can ask to me ! What about you ? Here is my listing 🙂

  • Going out with my wife and children (Once in a week)
  • Do sth with my wife and children (7 times in a week)
  • Going out with my friends (Once in a month)
  • Going out with my family or Visiting (Once in a month)
  • Developing my missing muscles ( 1 hour per day/2 Times in a week)
  • Basketball with my colleagues (Once in a week)
  • Football with my team from work (Once in a week)
  • Support the Beşiktaş (4 times in a month 2 times at the stadium, 2 times on TV)
  • Listening Music (7 Times in a Week)
  • Playing Chess with my friend (Once in a month)
  • Online Games (Once in a week to say Hello)
  • Books (1 hour per day/ 3-4 times in a week)
  • Cinema & Theater (Once in a month)
  • Events I haven’t tried before (Once in a month)
  • Places I havent seen before (Once in a year)
  • Research on the Internet (1 hour per day/3-4 times in a week)
  • Steemit (1-2 hour per day)

Thanks for your support !


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