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How to Avoid Message Bombardment ? Is it FOMO ?

Defeat Digital Distraction

it was just a problem for the business world but now it’s not just the business world, all humanity is in danger. Our main purpose have to be to defeat digital distraction, cause we are all under message bombardment and its unlimited and also its unstoppable ! The culture of this continuous connection is a big blow to us both professionally and personally.


Think About This;

  • Instagram Direct Messagges
  • Whatsapp Groups and Individual Connections
  • Facebook Notifications
  • Twitter Notifications
  • Emails
  • SMS
  • Phone Calls
  • Youtube Channel
  • Mobile Games
  • Health Apps
  • TV
  • Others :)))

Its kind a Meteor Shower ! No way out !

Due to relatively insignificant information and interactions, we are losing time, attention and energy. As all we know we should keep it for more important tasks. Thats the main problem. We are always busy but as a result there is no value ! Control your digital workload, yes workload !

What can be done ?

  • Systematically away from the data flow
  • Focus more on activities that increase our energy
  • Use digital tools strategically
  • If you do sth important, do not allow phone
  • Filter your messages
  • Listening Music
  • Be interested in Art
  • Sports or Meditation
  • To close them is not a solution

Researchs shows that doing multiple jobs at the same time rarely gives good results ! The only way to make two jobs perfect at the same time is that one of these things happens automatically. Riding Bcycle and chewing gum. However, both attending a meeting and checking e-mails is not possible at the same time :S

Read and search about this topic and find your own way ! (FYOW)

Thanks for your support !



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