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Early confrontation with the challenges of life

Yes early but has to

Sometimes a boy stops at the grocery store where I regularly go, but not often and unfortunately we can not see eachother every time :S Mostly in summer times we see eachother. Then helps me to fill bags and if I ask him to help me to home. I always want and he helps. I would also recommend you well. He is just a high school student and trying to earn money. The most beautiful part is to chat with him on the way. Never let him carry the bags. Just for walking and talking. He continues to eat his ice cream or chocolate along the road.


He is doing his best !

  • Better than crying
  • Better than complaining
  • Better than begging
  • Not lazy !

Great respect to him for taking responsibility

Some of you can blame me :S I don’t want to make a share of praising child labor. i just try to give a point of view from the perspective of the realities of the country I live in. I also worked at a young age. I worked while knowing that my friends were on vacation. Selling matches or cold water in the market was not so much fun, but taught me a lot.  Maybe everything in the bags I carry is not at his home. Maybe the ice cream he eats or the pocket money he takes debilitate him. I dont know exactly. But need a way !



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